NoJadis X Feminist Majo – Women in the House

Standing in front of their turntables

Feminist Majo is joining hands and soul with the wonderful DJ NoJadis to dig into the Northeast Asian electronic music scene. As mentioned in the title, this project is dedicated to women’s DJs and their engagement (explicit or implicit) for feminism – aka gender equality.

This region of the globe is entering an effervescent period for music and culture’s visibility, especially with the advent of Kpop, or the world’s passion for Animes’ openings and endings.

However, with NoJadis, our interest has been caught by the addictive « boom, boom », the sensitive slides of the turntables’ buttons, the soft voices combining English and foreign languages of the Asian techno and house music.

The essence of this collab: a NoJadis’ introduction

I met Marie at the end of 2015, back when we were students in the same degree program. From our first conversations, we were struck by how much we had in common: our astrological sign, our personal history, our love for travel, and above all, a keen interest in sociological topics and the world around us. From that moment on, we built one of the most beautiful friendships I have to this date, a kind of hermana de otra madre

Ever since we met, we worked together on projects, at uni and for the student associations, we were involved in. We also organized themed parties that remained memorable, if you ask our friends. It is thus a great pleasure to collaborate on a new project with Marie, combining our two main passions: North-East Asia for her and electronic music for me, with a common denominator, feminism and LGBTQ+ issues. 

Feminist Majo x NoJadis is an opportunity for me to learn a lot about gender issues in Asia and to cultivate my passion by sharing it with Marie. I mainly adopt a socio-historical approach and I like to discuss the musicality of the songs we analyze. I am particularly interested in the world history of rave music from the late 1980s to the early 2000s. I can’t wait to share my passion with you through my articles and playlists!

Get to know us

Marie, by Noémie
Noémie, by Marie

chinese portrait of Feminist Majo

  1. If I were a country in North-East Asia (NEA), I would be Japan
  2. If I were an idiom in an NEA language, I would be probably Korean, although I speak better Japanese (I am just having a hard time with kanji)
  3. If I were a NEA dish, I would be Unagi (damn good eels)
  4. If I were a NEA band or singer, I would be (tough question), be DPR LIVE.
  5. If I were a political or activist figure from NEA, I would be Lee Yuan-jen.

chinese portrait of NoJadis

  1. If I were a music era, I would be Acid House / Early Trance (late 80s – early 90s)
  2. If I were a song, I would be La Luna by The Ethics (1995)
  3. If I were a music festival, I would be  Amnesia Festival, Ibiza (1990)
  4. If I were a vinyl, I would be Hymn (European Mix) by Moby (1994)
  5. If I were a famous female DJ, I would be Marusha

Are you ready to enter this multiverse dimension of sounds?

Deep in South Korea

Moving bodies in underground Korea

(should we say K-House?) South Korea is a rising star of the music industry. K-Pop is literally under the planet’s projectors (yes it is. I am sure you’ve all heard of BTS, Black Pink, etc). Yet, in my opinion, the badass Korean women of the music industry situate so far away from the K-pop entertainment…

Exclusive: Interview with Sung, aka S.Telecom

We have the pleasure to share with you this wonderful interview with S.Telecom, a Korean DJ based in Paris. This interview was conducted in English, however, some of its parts are in French (with translation right away). We have decided to keep this French touch to deliver the true vibe of the interview. Feminist Majo:…

NoJadis Bio

Passionate about electro music since she was young, NoJadis has a passion: digging and throwing old-school House, Trance and Techno sounds from the whole world that federate one single dancefloor.

A real electric pile behind her turntables, she tries to recreate the atmosphere of the first raves, which from Chicago to Manchester, Brussels or Detroit, united people from all social backgrounds around acid beats, breaks, progressive trance or dance music.

Co-winner of the « Womanizer – Carte blanche à Bande de Filles et Vestes » contest in September 2021, she can’t wait to keep on inviting you on a journey back in time! 🌀

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